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 Machinedramon Challenge Digimon World 1

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Machinedramon Challenge Digimon World 1 Empty
PostSubject: Machinedramon Challenge Digimon World 1   Machinedramon Challenge Digimon World 1 EmptySat Mar 15, 2014 10:28 am

The Machinedramon Challenge

To complete the challenge, the player must beat Machinedramon in Digimon World 1 with the your first partner you raise in the game.

Today I am going to try this challenge and see if it can be done. This video is also to show the public the origin of what Project Ark is based off.

While recording we also streamed the video to some of our team members so they could watch while we played.

The 2nd half of the video will be finished in the next couple of days, don't forget to thumbs up the video if you liked the challenge and leave comments below Smile


PS if anyone else thinks they can complete this challenge, give it a go and post your results Smile

The Rules are simple

  • You can only use the first Digimon you get in the game before it fades away

    You have to get 50 points in the city

    Then beat Machinedramon at the end of the game

Good luck all Smile

- MrChronos

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Machinedramon Challenge Digimon World 1
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